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The latest news from your local dancing school in Egham, Surrey.  SimplyDanceLimited is an IDTA school offering classes and lesson in Latin American, Ballroom, Freestyle and Street Dance for all ages and abilities.  From medalists to social dancers and even teacher training, SimplyDance is your friendly, family run local dancing school.

Dance teachers dance!


What a fantastic day of incredible lectures we had today at the IDTA Freestyle Seminar in Birmingham.  Despite the 5am start we arrived ready to kick off the day with two back to back advanced freestyle routines which were totally hardcore and great fun!  It's exciting to bring these new ideas to you guys.  

Today was packed full of amazing workshops including absolutely beautiful Slow Freetyle work from the trainer of the current reigning world champion. Then it was fabulous and hillarious Musical Theatre lectures including a number from Wicked and then Commercial Street, Cheerleading and African Dance too!  What a day!  

We keep training to stay up to date and challenge our teaching methods and ways of moving. This way we continue to stay ahead of the game as teachers.  This is all for you guys. Bring on this show term SimplyDancers, let's rock this! 

Some of the SimplyDance Team with Past President and Freestyle Faculty Member Anna Jones

Some of the SimplyDance Team with Past President and Freestyle Faculty Member Anna Jones