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Blast from the past

Karlyne Oakes

As I walked through the door the  costumes, smell of hairspray and the crazy music pumping from the speakers immediately took me back to when I was 13 and I used to spend my Sunday's competing in Freestyle. Except this time instead of being the one who was being judged I was given the honour of being the Judge! 

I was asked to go down to Southampton to be 1 of 3 adjudicators in an friendly competition , judging freestyle and streetdance. As soon as I fell back into the crazy pace of the music and even crazier pace of the dancing I really started to admire the standard of dancing that was coming through. From the 4 year olds through to the 14 year olds everyone put their heart and soul into their dancing And there was some fantastic moves and routines on the floor. 


I had a AWESOME day and well done to everyone who competed, you were all brilliant.