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 Everyone loves to get mail, even the electronic kind.  So if you have a question about anything (well, anything dance related that is)  Just fill out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Don't fret if it's not right away as we normally dance from dawn to dusk.  

But we will come back to you soon.

If your question is urgent please call us on 07786050361

-The SimplyDance Team


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SIMPYDANCE LIMITED NEWS | Dance | Egham | Surrey | Classes | Lessons | Training

The latest news from your local dancing school in Egham, Surrey.  SimplyDanceLimited is an IDTA school offering classes and lesson in Latin American, Ballroom, Freestyle and Street Dance for all ages and abilities.  From medalists to social dancers and even teacher training, SimplyDance is your friendly, family run local dancing school.

New website up & running! Whoop Whoop!


Exciting News!  Our brand new website is officially opened by the ceremonial cutting of the online ribbon. Taking time out of his hugely busy schedule the mayor of...hang on a minute, I just flicked the switch actually so ... me I guess.  But even so, it deserves a grand ceremony and you my dear reader are among the first to read this new blog, congratulations to you!

As SimplyDance's Principal and Director it is my pleasure to introduce you to our all new, all sparkly and always fresh website.  With tons of hot new features and lashings of versatility, this site will be your one stop shop for all things Dance related.  Look out for offers, news, information, gossip, discounts, diary dates, pictures, events and blog updates not only from me, but from the rest of the SimplyDance Team too.

So without further ado I give you, take a look around, comment, like and share and please give us any feedback you have or ideas you'd like to share.

Classes Re-open SOON! We're super excited to see you all back on Saturday 13th September 2014, so get into the school swing and then the real fun can begin-DANCING STYLIE!

See you soon guys!

-from the whole SimplyDance Team